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I've been keeping in touch with a few of my neighbors from Burning Man, not only from this year, but also from '98 and '99. I sent them the same burn pictures as I have posted here... they were really impressed.
Colleen, one of 2 girls who was supposed to come with me this year has finally gotten a job so that she can afford to make it to Burning Man, next year. Gabriel and his girl friend Michelle (meow) made it this year, but I didn't get to see them. Still haven't heard from my friend, Adah. And I miss Danielle, too... I had a crush on her at one point... I don't think she knew.
From this year, Harvey and Pam, neighbors of mine. And of course, a few of you here on LJ are responding. Still waiting for a few stragglers to at least write me back and say they've gotten the pictures I've sent.
Not that the people I'm writing to now isn't keeping me satisfied... I just want old friends and new staying in contact or re-contact.

Damn I'm tired... still waking up at 6 in the morning... ugh!

Gotta eat my potstickers now! Night!

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