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My money situation is right at a borderline where I would feel comfortable starting any lessons to become a pilot.
That is to say, I could probably go ahead and start taking lessons, but then money would be real tight for the next several months, and I probably wouldn't be able to go out and do much else.
I think the biggest thing is that I am still recouperating from Burning Man expenses. So I'm thinking that I'll reevaluate in a month. By then, I should have recovered.
One thing that I'm seriously thinking about is delaying my trip to Australia by a year, putting a little extra money away just to save up for flying lessons. I figure, once I get lessons, I can fly for years to come. When I go to Australia, I'll only be there about a month, so I'll just have to remember that for years to come.
But, as I've said, I'll rethink it next month.
Unless anyone has a couple extra thousand dollars sitting around that they're not using. ;)

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