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Burning Man bound

I am pretty much packed.
Gotta go to the grocery store to get a few more little odds and ends, including ice for the cooler, and a little extra water -- just in case.
Stuff I've forgotten to pack, but am working on right now: coats and cold clothes, as the temperature can drop after sunset; a few more costume bits; pillows and blankets (after I take a nap tonight before I head out); and then the frozen food which will go in the cooler at the last minute.
I also want to check road conditions (I80 was closed last week due to a fire) and weather predictions... the weather in Black Rock is almost the same as it is here in Stockton/Sacramento... except they sometimes get high wind gusts through the breaks in the mountains.
My plans are to leave between 2 and 3 in the morning, probably closer to 2 because I need to stop to get gas and the ice.
I will probably get one or two more posts in before I take off -- if I can login that is...

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