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Still at work :'( but just for 40 more minutes or so.

My back is really killing me... I strained a muscle on my first patient of the night...
A heavy-set (ok, ok, fat) guy came over for c-spine x-rays after a fall. He was on a backboard and in c-spine precaustions, which means he was wearing one of those plastic white collars around his neck.
In this condition, we are not allowed to move the patient until his neck has been "cleared," which means the doctor has said the collar can come off, and the patient can get off of the board.
In order to obtain x-rays of the neck, we slide a film under the backboard, which means I have to lift the board with the patient still on it, usually one-handed, as I am normally working alone, and I need the other hand to slide the film in.
Under normal conditions (when the patient is centered on the backboard properly) I can lift even 350 pound patients with one hand and slide the film in with the other. But when patients are this heavy and off-center, the whole balance thing is off and the moment I start to lift, the patient starts to roll off the board.
With one hand occupied holding a film, it's kind of hard to maintain some balance, unless you just want to drop the patient back down, which isn't the best idea either...
So, I ended up straining one of my back muscles.
I have a owie... :(

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