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For the last couple of nights, I have typed a little bit that I might have a forming interest in someone of the opposite sex.
She was off yesterday, but she worked tonight.
She came in, and had cut off quite a bit of her hair!
When I first saw her at the start of the shift, I thought she was someone else... she has the same color hair as one of the respiratory techs -- and with her hair shorter and not pulled back, she looked a lot like her. It was eerie!
I think I've piqued her interest in Burning Man a little bit--but I don't know for sure. As I've mentioned, I really don't know her well enough that I should be developing this attraction.
I gave her my web-site addy so she could go look at Burning Man pictures... my site also has a link here to my LJ account, so the possibility of her reading this is a lot bigger...
SO, if you are who I am talking about--I just want to tell you this has just started happening within the last couple of days... I have no clue if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend... and I'm not doing this on purpose... I am not really interested in getting involved at this time, but sometimes emotions don't follow logical rules that your mind has set.
Actually, I am kind of hoping that she will stumble upon this, read it, and is able to tell me that she is involved with someone already... it would make it a lot easier on me.

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