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I haven't heard anything about the motor that I'm supposed to be getting for almost a week now.
They should have gotten the money by now, so the motor should be on its way... but I had asked them to give me the tracking number so I could try to guess which day UPS would be here. UPS has a habit of coming during the hours I'm asleep... usually like 9 in the morning. So if I know they're coming, I sleep lighter and hear them when they knock (doorbell doesn't work). That way they don't have to put one of those little slips on my door that say "sorry we missed you.." Wait! I was right here! :( That kind of thing... *sigh*

I need to write the people and see if they received it. It's a money order, so I can always just run to the post office and ask if the money order has been cashed/deposited/whatever.

Damn, starting to get tired. I'm still cooking my potstickers!!!

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