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Tonight is definately a night to come home for lunch. We are getting our asses kicked tonight both from the E.R. and in-patients.
Tonight has been a bloody night... my first case was a stab wound victim, then I got a guy who fell thru a window and had cuts everywhere. I did a smashed toe that was bleeding quite a bit... geesh!
And the night isn't over! We still have other traumas waiting in other rooms that we still have to get to. 10pm... it's my lunch time... I had to just walk out... I'm worn out.
The flow of ambulances is non-stop.
People coming in their own cars is non-stop.
We even had a few outpatients show up about an hour ago!
And we're closer to a new moon than a full-moon, what's up with that!!!?
Waiting for food to cook... must eat.

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