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Lodi Juggling Festival

The Lodi Juggling Festival happens from Oct. 5th thru the 8th. I have that weekend off, but will still need to ask for the 5th and the 8th off if I'm going to camp there.

Pyrophilia will more than likely be going. We've been practicing a little, here and there, when time allows. We're getting pretty good at passing. Once we get that down, we'll probably start working on passing clubs, and then start getting into tricks.

The event is held at Mickey Grove Zoo. There's a place where people can camp near the back (near the exit, which is actually next to the main entrance, once you've made a complete circle around the park). I think that I will take my light tower/pyramid there... that would be cool... hope it doesn't get too destroyed at Burning Man!

It should be fun, and a neat place to take lots of pictures!

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