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One of the first things you are told if you are planning on selling something on e-bay is that you should have useful keywords that potential buyers might use in their searches. Words strongly suggested not to be used are, "look" "great buy" and "wow". Do you know how many times I have seen those? I should ask, "How much does your "wow" cost... you have it advertised, but I only see this 50 gallon aquarium... Where's the wow?" Or something like that.

And the English language is butchered more here than many other places I've seen... "Here is a all glass [sic]..." A all? Our teachers are becoming more like baby-sitters all the time... I don't think it's worth it to become a teacher anymore... no one seems to be paying attention in class... probably just waiting for recess.

Why couldn't I have been born or hatched on another planet?

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