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Yay! I "won" I won.
Of course, I was the only person to bid on the motor, so there really wasn't much competition.
I think there would have been more bidding if the seller would have put a picture or two up. Even the ones that did have pictures and looked like they were in worse shape than this one sounds to be were getting higher bids.
Seller said up front that the motor needs a tune-up, so I've been talking with someone at work that says he'll walk me thru that, or I can just take it to his place and we can do that together.
Now I have a motor (a real one) for my boat.
And even if the motor doesn't turn out to my liking, I can turn around and put it right back up for sale, with pictures, and a little better description, and make out better -- maybe.
But I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.

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