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Damn I must be getting old...
I am starting to notice patterns... well, maybe I've always seen them... but now I have to make mention of them.
Why is that some adorably cute young ladies think that they're ugly and not worth the time and energy that people like to spend on them?
Is it just a phase that young women go through? Are they actually looking for someone who agrees with them? Are they looking for attention, and getting into arguments with other people is the way they go about it? Or do they honestly belive they are ugly?
As I get older, I realize that I (personally) am tired of this "phase" or whatever it is. I know that I am tired of playing the game.
So what shall I do? Shall I just go in and type an agreement and hurt their feelings, even though that's not the kind of person I am, and it would be lying? I think that I shall just stop reading the posts whenever I come across them, and stop listening to others when they say this kind of stuff.
In order for other people to like you, you have to like yourself first. Other people really can sense these kinds of things. So the next person who I sense doesn't like themself and try to bait me into telling them something that they want to argue with, I'm just going to walk away... or not read in the case of some LJ journals I read.

For Christ's sakes people... there are more important problems in the world that need to be taken care of. Stop trying to get an ego boost over trivialities... Do something major and good-willed to get that boost... I tell you, it lasts a lot longer as an ego boost than your looks. Stop being so shallow!

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