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It's getting hot!

Did a lot of stuff today.
Went over to my mommy's house (hi mommy) and watered her plants and made sure the outside cats had food and water. (She's in Oregon)

Then I went to Costco, where I picked myself up a generator for Burning Man, and a 70 quart ice chest/cooler. I would have prefered a 40 gallon, but I couldn't find one. :(

I also bought The Mexican... good movie.

I asked the apartment building's owner's son if he had the keys to the garage so I could store the boat in there when it's not in use. He said he didn't have the keys... whatever... I can tell when he's lying. So I asked if it was okay to cut off one of the locks and put my boat in one and just put a new padlock on it. He said he didn't care, so that's what I'm gonna do.

Fucker tried to make fun of me because my boat's just a little fishing boat. Dork... who cares! It's a boat... he doesn't have one! I think he's just jealous. "It doesn't have a motor." Yes it does! I have to keep it in the house so the neighbor kids don't play... everything is either in the house or in the back of my truck. Batteries, oars, life vests, motor, depth/fish finder... everything! Yeah, he's just jealous.

Speaking of motor... I wrote e-mail to a guy selling a 7.5hp 4 stroke motor on e-bay. He doesn't have pictures, so no one is bidding on the motor... and the bidding is almost over. I went ahead and bid... a 7.5hp for $450 is a pretty good deal... considering the marine stores are trying to sell 5hp for $1400. Here in California, we can't have 2 stroke anymore... they're being banned on the waterways... too much polution. At this time, I think it's just CA doing this... 2 stroke is still legal most everywhere else in the country, as far as I know. So everything on e-bay that the description wasn't given (2 vs 4 stroke) I had to assume was 2 stroke and skip it. Otherwise I'd be bidding on some cheap 10hp motors right about now.

The temperatures are finally starting to get to normal... temperatures in the central valley were supposed to be in the 100's in July... they're finally here, and we're already a week in to August. I hope it's hot at Burning Man. I don't know why... I'm just hoping it gets real hot.


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