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Went out looking at motors for my boat today.
My spending limit was 800. But the cheapest 5hp motor I found was on sale for 1400.
They were trying to sell a 2hp for 600, but that won't do me much better than the trolling motor I have now.
They were actually suggesting a 10hp motor because I had mentioned that I want to get across the lake a little faster... I didn't even ask the price on those... I'm not even willing to pay 1400 for the one I do want.
The 5hp would get me across the lake in about half the time as the trolling motor... that's good enough for me. It's not like you can waterski from an aluminum fishing boat!!!
I'll probably check to see if someone wants to go in on the motor with me... my sister, aunt, or mom.
Much thinking to do.

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