The Digital Shutterbug (aryx) wrote,
The Digital Shutterbug

This journal has been placed in memorial status. New entries cannot be posted to it.

I am writing this in order to help protect myself from any possible litigation that may occur sometime in the future. I will post this message and one dated 7/28/01 into my memories folder so that it can be recalled easily later if needed.
Although these messages can be easily edited and modified, I still want something down that could help me if I ever need it.

I have just expressed to the neighbor kids that I do not want them playing in the parking lot which surrounds my building, and that is why the gate they had just opened was closed. I kicked them out of the parking lot and closed the gate behind them.

It is my habit to keeping the gate closed, especially now that I have just purchased a boat, in order to keep the neighbor children out of the lot, as well as keeping out the people who go through the garbage and those who just like to walk around in here to see if there's stuff lying around for the taking (I've had my spare tire from my truck stolen, several gallons of paint from my outside staircase, and a couple of bricks taken as well).

I will continue to make it a habit to keep the gate closed (the last guys who lived next door to me stole the padlock--so I will probably invest in another one).

So, if the neighbor kids decide to open the gate and come in to play on their skateboards and skates after I have told them not to, I am making this post in order to help aid my case in the event that one of those kids sustains some kind of injury and the parents attempt litigation against me. If the gate was already open when they enter and become injured, this post will reaffirm that I am in the habit of keeping the gate closed, therefore it was someone else's irresponsibility of leaving the gate open, and if litigation is to be brought about, then they can sue whomever else they deem responsible, whether it is my next-door neighbor (who is still leaving the gate open), the manager of the building, or the owner.

As I have stated, I will post this into my memories folder so as to be easily recalled in the event that this may occur. I also have a post from 7/28/01 describing my frustration at the neighbor in my building still leaving the gate open, which too, will be added to my memories folder.

Although this one post will not necessarily absolve me of wrong-doing, at least I have written my statement down.

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