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Yay! I'm online! I tried to log in on Monday, and my server was down; I couldn't get mail or anything! :( They were probably doing maintenance to make sure the worm didn't hit their systems today, or something like that...

Pyro and I went out on my boat on Sunday to play for a couple of hours. I wanted to see if I could find the slow leak that there was supposed to be, and I think I did. So I went out to get the stuff to fix it, then really looked under the hull and decided I might want to get some sealer goop as well (I got J-B Weld right now--which I was told shouldn't be used on the outside of the boat). Anyhow, back to Sunday: we had fun... we jumped in the lake and swam around for a while... Pyro had made sandwiches for lunch, so we ate them. I had her play with the motor a little bit to try to get her to get used to it, so that when it was time to leave, she could just drive the boat right up onto the trailer. Still turned out comically... oh well.

Today I actually went down to the DMV to register the trailer and the boat. The trailer hadn't been registered for 3 years, so I got stuck paying all the fees... oh well. By the time I get everything cleaned and fixed up, I think it will have been worth the energy. I just don't expect that I'll get to take it out too much this summer. I only have one weekend off before I head out to Burning Man at the end of August. That means (unless other plans come up) only a couple of more chances before the weather starts getting cold (I wish I had more weekends off!).

My plans for today include going grocery shopping (I need shampoo too!) and to go see Planet of the Apes.

I will probably come back online tonight to catch up on my friend's list.

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