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Here's something else that bugs me:
I live in a quad-plex type of house... although I guess we're calling it an apartment.
Okay, an apartment, but just four units... or something like that.

The entire time I've lived here, and I've watched a number of people come and go, why is it no one likes to take responsibility around here?
One of the things I'm talking about: The gate around my building does not open and close automatically, you have to get out and open/close it yourself. Especially now that I have my boat, I try to keep the gate closed... but the damn neighbors never close it when they come or go... and they usually do that while I'm asleep, so I never see them.
So, during the day time, the kids from around the block set up ramps and everything in the parking lot, and leave it a disaster. Other vehicles come in and park for a few minutes, then take off. And white-trash come in and dig through the trash.
I don't like that... I want the gate closed...

And it always seems like I'm the only one who takes out the garbage. The new neighbor is never here the night it goes out, so he probably doesn't even know which day it is. The guy who lives downstairs from me (the owner's son) is always out of the country on business, and the place is more an office than a living quarters for him. And the fourth unit is still unoccupied.

I need a vacation!!!!
Burning Man Take Me Away!

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