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horrible night last night...
after lunch, got sick. felt like everything was just staying in my stomach, so if I moved wrong, everything wanted to come up.
got home from work, went straight to bed... couldn't sleep... too sick.
pain in my stomach seemed to be about as bad as the people look when they have a bowel obstruction... so I decided to munch on some celery and green olives (stuff that goes right through you).
finally fell asleep around 7 this morning.
woke up at 10, started to clean house a little.
went back to bed.
got up and cleaned a little more...
break time... still got a bunch of stuff on the floor I have to pick up. kitchen floor wet because I just mopped it...
I hope the landlord and owner aren't here very long... I don't feel like dealing with people today.

On another note... I'm supposed to go pick up my boat later (after they leave).

signing off...i'm just babbling for no reason...

OH! Someone sent me the virus! Yay, I'm special.
No, I didn't open it.

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