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The Digital Shutterbug

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It's my Friday, and I'm so tired.
The last week has been busy as hell. I'd say I've done about 12 MVAs (car accidents), 8 or 9 GLFs (Ground Level Falls) with either head lacerations or broken hips, and numerous people coming in for dehydration symptoms. Drink your water!!!!
Anyway, 8 more hours today, then I'm off tomorrow.
But that doesn't mean rest... I'm still going to need to clean up around here a bit... landlord and owner coming over to check something out with the skylight...and they have to come inside.
It's not that the place is dirty, there's just stuff scattered all over the place because I'm getting ready for vacation.
I need to call my landlord and confirm with him that I will be here... do a little stretching... take my shower... go to work... colapse...
yeah, that sounds about right.

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