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There's an R.N. stupid-visor over in the E.R. who is really starting to piss me off. He's a f'ckin crybaby is all he is. It seems like he's going to my boss once a week to tell on me. Now it's getting to the point where he's not even getting the full story, but makes some of it up just to have an excuse to go tattle. Once I told my supervisor that a patient had practically refused the exam I was supposed to perform, at least until the doctor saw him, and that the patient then decided to leave A.M.A., there wasn't anything I could do. I had to cancel the exam... but I didn't cancel it until after the patient had left.
So, I got a little slap on the wrist and was told to be sure to communicate.
I'll communicate alright, I'll tell him that whenever he has something to say, he can say it to me... I'm fucking 33 years old, why is he acting like I'm 9. He's at least mid-40's why is he acting like he's 9? Geesh!

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