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I am still unable to ftp into my site to upload the new pictures that I have scanned.
I just e-mailed the ISP technicians, so I hope I hear something before I go to work tomorrow.

In other news... I finished (kinda) building my "light tower" for Burning Man. I don't have all the supports put on it right now to keep it stable, but it stands just fine (a little wobbly). It's a 16 foot high pyramid with a 4 foor base. I won't actually attach the rope lights to the tower until I get to Black Rock, because the holders are made of plastic, and I'm afraid that when I fold the pyramid (YES, it folds!) the little plastic pieces will break. However, I am thinking about painting it.

My other Burning Man idea is to build a wind-deflector for the tent. Last night I went through about 100 ideas. One idea, that I don't think will pan out with the materials I have now is to create a "box" around my tent that would have material attached to create a shade structure around the tent. I may still think of something similar, but I think that at this point, it will be some kind of wind ramp, set up so that air flows over the top of the tent. Normally, I could just use my truck, but my truck will already be running the length of the back of my camp to the street (this is including the trailer...otherwise it's a pretty small camp).

If I can get the ftp to work, I'll post a drawing of what I'm talking about.

I've started my food shopping for Burning Man, too. 5 gallons of water (so far; I'll need to double that), several types of cup-of-soup, beef and turkey jerky (say *that* 10 times really fast!). Fired up the gas grill, fixed my bike and started writing all my lists. I'm gonna have one helluva time! -- Still wish someone would go with me, though. :(

In other good news... I found a boat. The deal is complete, I just have to get my money, and the guy has to clean it out. I will probably be picking it up next Tuesday. It's nothing fancy, but at least I can go out on the lake and putz around. It's basically just a fishing boat with a few benches in it... but hey, you gotta start somewhere. I figure, as I get older and start going through my mid-life crisis, I can start getting the bigger and fancier stuff.

So, yay me! I got a boat!!! Before I go to pick it up, I have to get a new tow ball. I have a 2 inch ball now, and the trailer is 1 7/8 inch (it's an old boat!). So I'll probably end up doing that tomorrow.

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