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Just got an e-mail from one of Jamie's old friends asking me if I knew how to get ahold of her. She mentioned that she had heard that Jamie is confined to a mental hospital. I hadn't heard this, but then again, I don't hear too many rumors about her anymore.
The last I had heard was that she had been diagnosed as bipolar--which may or may not be true. In the last year of our friendship, her personality changed dramatically, and she became promiscuous. Our own relationship began falling at a rapid rate, with greater tirades and more lying on her part. SO I had to end it.
So, was something happening to her mind that last year? Was she really beginning to crack? Or is she spreading lies to get more attention? She had told just about everyone that her mother had died, even some of her closest friends--not me, I was with her the first time she started telling people that, and I knew she had just spoken to her on the phone. Is she now doing the same thing about herself?
I really don't want to think about her.
I've finally gotten my life back together and returning to my peacefull, fun-loving self.
I'm looking for companionship again, but not necessarily a long term relationship.
Here's her picture again:

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