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I am so sick of complete strangers coming up to me and asking me how tall I am... obviously, when I give my smart-assed answer of "2 meters" (which is true) they don't get the hint that I don't like being asked that question.

For those of you who live in a metric system world, I just want you to know that there are some pretty stupid people here in America... why is that they always need it translated into Emperial? (I hope I spelled that right... my fingers aren't obeying my brain tonight, and my eyes tell me it's spelled correctly, but I'm not really sure.) Why is it that they can't just go, "oh, he's 2 meters.... so that's how long 2 meters is."

When I was in Germany last year, not a single person asked me how tall I was... however, one girl did ask how long I was, and she wasn't refering to my height!

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