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At the end of August and Beginning of September every year an event is held some 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. Literally thousands of people flock to a pre-historic lake bed where there is literally nothing around for miles. I mean nothing. No plants, no insects, no snakes, nothing. This place is the alkalai flats desert called Black Rock. But during the week prior to Labor Day, a temporary city is constructed. A city like no other. The city is an expirament in community, where everyone helps out their neighbors, where goods are not bought and sold, but rather, bartered. A city dedicated to the preservation of art in every form. This is a city, that for the duration of one week, and one week only, becomes one of Nevada's largest cities. After Labor Day, it disappears, much in the same way that Atlantis has disappeared... without a trace.
Sounds a little too bizarre? Too good to be true?
No my friends, it is 100% completely true. And, unlike the mysterious UFO sighting which can never seem to really be proven, even in photography -- there is plenty of evidence of this temporary city all over the world.
For one week out of the year, the place known as Black Rock City flashes into, then out of existence.
If you go, survival is key! It is a desert environment, and in order to experience and participate in the sensory overload that we lovingly call Burning Man, you have to bring everything in order to survive with you.
Burning Man is real. But just for one week.
I, myself, have been experiencing the phenomenon since 1998. I repeat my adventure into the strange new and temporary world this year. And you can't stop me!!!

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