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yucky poo poo...
do I really have to get up today?

Phone's been ringing all morning... no one leaves a message... so I know it's none of my family or friends--they always leave messages. Even people who have the wrong number leave messages... either funny ones or people who are really stupid and weren't able to tell that they've called the wrong number and leave me messages obviously meant for someone else.

So, who could it be? hmmmm
*clicking sound*
"Is this the person who controls the phone bill?"
Groggy: "Yeah..."
"This is MCI. I want to interest you in long distance for just 2 or 3 cents a minute."
Still groggy: "I'm not interested."

This guy has been spending his entire time on the phone trying to convince people to switch to MCI, I could tell he was tired of his job by the inflections in his voice. Those people usually say something like, "But aren't you interested in saving money?" to which I usually reply in a smart-ass tone, "If I were interested in saving money, I'd be clipping coupons and shopping at thrift stores."
My LD phone bill for May was 15 cents...I didn't even pay it simply because I knew when I got my June bill, it would still be there... I didn't even get a late charge... just said, 'past due: $.15' heh!

Anyhow... MCI is the one who's been calling all morning... making me groggy because they keep waking me up (I can't turn off one of my phones, and I'm such a light sleeper that I could still hear it if it was piled under a ton of clothes on the other side of the house.)

Damn... it's 2... gotta get ready for work...

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