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What a rush!

I sure am tired today. but considering what I did yesterday...
8 of us from work went to the state fair yesterday, including Waterworld USA. It doesn't seem like we did that much, but we covered just about everything. I guess we spent more time in the water than I originally thought. We arrived just after it opened, and the traffic was already pretty swamped, but at least we got to park inside the Cal-Expo parking lot.
This year, the thing to do was just off a platform 130 feet in the air with a bunjie attatched to your feet and waist. Only 3 of us did it. Me! And two of the girls from work.
This was the first time I'd ever tried bunjie jumping... but it's like a drug, it was so awesome that I want to keep doing it. From the ground, it looks like when you bounce back up, that you are jolted back into the air. But that's not what it feels like. It's a pretty smooth bounce. There was a moment there that I wasn't sure if I was bouncing up or falling back down again. It was great! The two-coworkers I was with didn't notice on the air-bag below the words "here lies Joe" surrounded by the shape of a body. Like the kind you see in movies when they draw a line around a dead body. I can't remember what that's called, but I think you should be able to get the idea. 130 feet! I think I want to jump off a bridge next time. Or find a place that has it rigged so that your head dips into a lake or some kind of water just before you're flipped back into the air.

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