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update on my wellbeing

The headaches are becoming less intense.

The pressure is weakening.

I feel less torpid, more awake.

I am starting to feel happy again.

I went into Jackson to pick up Cody (aka Pyrophilia). She was in Yoga class all day long, working on becoming a yoga instructor.
She was excited to get home to play with her new kitten. But something was wrong.
Through the course of the day, the kitten's colon began to prolapse. By the time we got to her house, it was a good 1 1/2 inches in length. The kitten was purring, but probably in shock.
When an attempt was made to fix the situation, Cody said that it was cold, which only meant the the blood supply had been cut off too long and that that part of the kitten's colon was already dead. I don't think the kitten would have survived more than a week. Cody reluctantly and sobbingly finally allowed her dad to take the kitten away.
Cody had just gotten attatched, and had just named the kitten Calliope.
But, I think it was better that Calliope be laid to rest now, rather than let her suffer for another week, with more bowel prolapsing and weight loss and I'm sure quite a bit of pain.
It was sad, but it had to be done... it was better this way.

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