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Insomniac nights, part 2

I'm posting this away from my last one to get away from the anger my last post probably conveys.

There is this new lady at work that wants to set me up with one of her single friends. Not in the relationship sort of way, which is fine. Just in the "let's go out and have fun" sort of way. Go to clubs, go to parties, keep each other company kind of thing.

She showed me a picture of Julie, the girl she wants to set me up with. She's blonde, 23 or 24, I don't remember which, about 5'7". She looks a little bigger busted than I normally go for, but it might just be the picture, and I have to stop being so picky. She just got out of a relationship, so she's really not looking to get into another one. So that's cool, we can just hang out.

I printed up the two pictures of myself that I had posted a couple of weeks ago for Ragina to give to Julie. Apparently she's already told Julie all the stuff she's found out about me. Apparently she doesn't care if I'm weird, in the fun sort of way. So that also means she knows about my goth history, and a few other things.

R wants us to meet at this party--I forget what it's called, but a Mexican family is baptising a kid who is to be R's god-son. J is going, because she's buds with R.

I was kind of hoping to meet a little sooner.
Well, we shall see what happens...

To be continued...

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