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Nothing is happening today as I had planned.
I woke up at 7 this morning, which is like the middle of the night for me. Made breakfast, played Gemstone for a little while, whereupon my character died and decayed, which means I lost a tone of experience. Then I sat down on the sofa with my HTML reference books, and promptly fell asleep. Finally re-woke up around 1 pm, which is as close to my real morning as I can get without oversleeping. I'm grumpy when I oversleep.
For the past hour I've been answering e-mail and writing letters, and thinking about cleaning up the house. My original plan for the day? Sit at the computer and write code for the new site. I guess that I got the one goal accomplished, I really didn't worry about the rest.
Tomorrow, 10 of us from work are heading out to the state fair. It's supposed to only get to about 88 degrees. That's cool compared to today's expected 94. But hey, this is California's Central Valley... it's always hot here in the summer. AC is not a luxury, it's standard equipment.

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