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Got an e-mail forwarded to me about gas pumps with HIV tainted needles stuck in them.
When are these urban legends going to die?
I actually remember that particular one from when I had my last BBS, The Tree House.
People would try to post these things in the message areas, as if they were true.
Here's the thing about these things... it may have happened, once, and it got reported in a few big newspapers. But it happening all over the country? I don't think so. If it was, it would be reported in the newspapers all over the country, and you wouldn't be hearing about it only via e-mail.
Does anyone remember the urban legend about gang members supposedly driving around streets without their headlights on at night, and that when someone would pass them by and flick their lights they would turn around and shoot them? This doesn't happen either, however this UL started because of something that did happen here in Stockton. A couple of kids were driving at night without their headlights on. A car passing them flipped their lights off and on to indicate such. They (the kids) turned around and started chasing the occupants of the car. After a bit, they shot into the car, killing the 29 year old passanger, a lady named Kelly Freed. The boys were caught because the driver of the car was able to get the license plate number and a detailed description of the car. In their defense, they stated that they thought they were being dis'd (disrespected) and wanted to show the people in the other car some manners.
Today, we have the Kelly Freed Teen Center. Kelly had worked for the Stockton Unified School District (if I remember correctly) and was always trying to help troubled teens.
This is a true story, you can go to yahoo and search the yellow pages in Stockton, CA for the Kelly Freed Teen Ctr. As far as the articles in the paper about the incident, I haven't looked, but I'm sure they're archived somewhere.

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