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strange dream

Had a dream that Cody and I were at Burning Man at the LiveJournal Theme Camp. Suddenly, this boy comes up to Cody and starts pestering her. It is obvious to me that She really doesn't want this boy bothering her (maybe she met up with him somewhere else, and now he's following her??).
So I decide to interupt and make sure he realizes my fist is as big as his face. Once he understands, I go about my business. I come back, and there he is again, bugging Cody. Having forgotten earlier that Cody knows martial arts, but remembering at this point, I mouth to her that she should just trip him. Which she does, easily. Everyone laughs. I wake up.

The dream is bizarre more in the fact that it's very hard to annoy Cody. She gets along with practically everyone, and can talk to complete strangers for hours. Why was this boy so different?

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