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An hour and a half left to go here at work... one of the new PA's has been kicking our asses. He comes from the military, where the idea is not the same as the private sector.
He's trying to do the CYA thing (Cover Your Ass)... and we've tried telling him he has a better chance of doing that if he just gives the patient a thorough examination! The PA's are only allowed to work on the minor stuff, like sprained wrists and the like. But this one we have tonight has the God-complex or something. The, "I can do no wrong" bullshit. I wish he'd go away... but since he's not, we need to break him in...sometimes these things take time.
I haven't even had time to piss! I've been here since 3pm, and I'd like to take a lunch break.
I finally had to just leave the department for a bit, so guess where I am... sitting at the computer, dreading for the time when my break is over (just about now) and I have to run around until it's time to go home...

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