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Had to work 'til 4 this morning... the guy who was supposed to relieve me at 3 was told that he might be called, so he wasn't sure if he was supposed to come in or not... I knew I should have told Berl to make sure he knew... I know how Berl talks to people, and he forgets so easily, so I am pretty sure that he told J that he might call him to start at 3 and then just think that he was coming in.

So I'm real tired... last night was a crappy night. Dr. G really needs to learn to speed up his examination process of patients. Some doctors can give a thourough and complete examination, including all tests, to 20 to 30 patients in 4 hours. Dr. G still has all the same patients in the ER when I leave as were there when I start my shift. Nobody has moved!

On another note... my aunt tripped and broke her ankle. Something must be going on... when she was helping me move the fountain to my place, she was getting out of breath way too easily... I mean, I am out of shape, but nothing like that. And then the next day, she trips over a little step and breaks her ankle... her bones shouldn't be breaking that easily. She had breast cancer about 10 years ago... I think maybe she should go get a bone densitometry test and a bone survey to make sure that the cancer is not recurring and metastasizing into her bones.

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