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I talked with my sister a little while ago about the family reunion. Dad hasn't called her yet to tell her about it--probably because he had already asked if she wanted to go up for Grandma's birthday around the same time, and she had said no.
But, seeing as how I had called to ask her if she was interested in going to the reunion, and not dad, she said that she would go only if I was going... which is basically how I feel... I'll only go if she wants to go (we'd go together), and, of course, if I can get the time off.
She will let me know tomorrow what she decides, then if she says she'll go, I have to put my time in and see if I get it off...
which leads me to the rant.
Why is it that whenever I ask for a day off, I have to fight hard for it? I rarely call in sick (with the exception of this year), I work my full 8's. I've seen it where employees think that the place they work at can't get along without them, but employers who need the employee so bad that they fight to keep them from taking a day off?
Doesn't that sound like the backwards way of going about keeping people there?
Okay, enough rant.

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