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phone rings.
it's my dad.
of all the people who i would expect to remember that i am asleep at 8:40 in the morning, it would be him. he knows that i sleep until noon. why does he forget and call anyway?
no appologies for waking me up, just wants to give me a message.
there is to be a family reunion at the end of july in portland (oregon) and he wants to know if i want to go (and i'm sure he called my sister to tell her about it too)
okay, here's the thing:
geographically, i have never been close to any of my family, mom's or dad's.
in my family, it was just me and my sister, but everyone else had lots of brothers and sisters... so we were a small family, and everyone else was a big family.
when i went to my grandfather's funeral 12 years or so ago, and i got to meet some of my family, i got the distinct impression that they are all closed minded. so i was actually thinking instead of a suit and tie, how about i dye my hair pink or green, put it up in a mohawk, and put my septum piercing back in (i still have the tunnel). then i realized that they would probably all be too scared to talk to me. so perhaps if i just wear one of my german industrial band tee-shirts, or my legendary pink dots tee-shirt, some black pants, and my black leather boots. that's more conservative than i have been in the past.
do i really want to meet these people?
it would be nice to corrupt some of their minds to make them realize that there really are people out in the real world that do bizarre things... but i don't want to actually scare them away from trying such things.
maybe i could put on the persona of a flaming fag.
or, i know!, a transgender 7 foot guitar player (only one or two of you will get this reference)
maybe i could make some clothes out of dental floss.
i could steal some surgery scrubs, gloves, cap and mask, get myself all bloody, and walk in like i just got done with surgery.
or better yet, a hospital gown with my ass hanging out, a foley catheter and i.v.s stuck in my arms and legs, and force myself to look a little jaundiced.
maybe i can find some coke-bottle glasses, wear a short-sleeved dress shirt with a whole bunch of pens and a calculater in the front pocket, talk with a nasally voice, wear some slacks that are too short for me, and wear them above my waist, and sound like i'm a genious.
or how about i wear a hocky mask and bring in a chainsaw?
maybe i can go around asking everyone if they have any drugs for sale, and if they say no, i can then ask them if they want to buy any.
i could dress up like a pimp and say that i'm looking for more women.
i could dress up like a bum, not shower for a couple of weeks, grow out my beard and get food particles in it.
does any one else have any ideas of what i can/shoud do, but probably won't?

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